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Not Splitting
This is the third case I've made, my mistake for not using full discord screenshots but these should be better now. for reference the cases were

If this case still does not meet requirements please allow me to add additional evidence rather then close.

The story:
Red air invited himself to our raid and we didn't want to be rude and say no because he was just going to leach for 1 kc.
Then he stuck around for another and did absolutely nothing during the raid apart from cut a shortcut tree after the raid, the dude didn't even scav or help in any way. We are aware of the iron raid rules and we follow them at all times apart from situations like this.
the reason we are annoyed with a 0 split with the tbow is he fully leached it and he doesn't even meet the requirements in stats or gear for the cc rules, hence we wanted a fair split as we did literally everything. Its not like were going to take all the gp we suggested he took an equal split for his main. After giving him a 4 days to think about it we asked again if he was going to do anything to witch his reply was it was his and there would be nothing for us, have not heard from him since.

the screenshots show our private clan rules, red air (iron blemish) bragging about the t bow, and links his accounts. Please PM me on discord if there is anything missing or any questions.
Mr Tom T, Mr Pipicus, Jaywby
Original Rsn:
Iron Blemish
Twisted Bow

Evidence Quality:
Dirty C O X
Mr Tom T
Date of Abuse:

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