Stealing Borrowed Items
The player: ''OSFinger'' has to pay the player: '' I am Terry'' 5M OSRS which he owed terry. Both the accused (osfinger) and the victim (I am Terry) are members in my clan chat which i own (west side cc). When confronted about refusing to pay the money he owed, osfinger told me ''fuck you'' and deleted me which was really suspicious. After confronting him in clan chat he acted like a 12 year old kid, and thought it was funny. A large portion of my clan was online at the time and I made the case right away.
I am Terry
Case Evidence Has Been Archived.
Original Rsn:

Evidence Quality:
West Side CC
Date of Abuse:
5 years ago

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Honestly 175 kc? You don't even deserve a split IMO. You are still a raids virgin. I understand it hurts but you will get your bow one day don't be so salty. - Original
Are you stupid? it don't matter what kc he has if his in on a split the he deserves the split, your statement is so invalid and you're just making a fool of yourself unless you're the person that scammed the bow. - smork
I'm guessing you are very low raids KC, and I can also tell that you've never had to split a tbow. I've been told by multiple people that it is not easy to do. Especially when you hardly know the person.

There is a huge difference in splitting a regular drop and a TBow. People say stupid stuff sometimes and honestly if the tables were turned i bet he wouldn't be splitting anyone. 173kc says it all. Hypocrisy, unless you have a picture of yourself splitting a tbow than I suggest you keep your mouth shut :) I can almost tell you for certain that I would only split a bow with 2 people in this game, and had I gotten a bow drop when it first came out and I hadn't split that much with the individuals I probably would of done the same thing.
People need to just grow up and not post stuff about this, I see all these complaints but I bet if the rolls were reversed the hypocrisy would be written all over the walls. - Original
I doubt 600 kc is low, iv had 3 tbows 1 being in my name in a ffa in fact so yeah its pretty easy to split drops unless you wanna be added to runewatch for scamming and playing solo for the rest of your life I don't need pics to prove id split a bow because I'm sure playing with friends is a lot more enjoyable than playing solo, if I wanted to play solo I would be a iron man, so I think you should shut your mouth because you know nothing at all you have legit just admitted you would scam so its a shame this site dose not require a defined account name because you would be named and shamed also. Even if roles was the other way around then I'm sure they would also be added here. - smork
Any team member in a TEAM trip deserves a split. To deny them of that is pure selfishness. It is not difficult to split. Enjoy your time on our website, we live in hope that one day you will come to your senses and return what was what stolen to the rightful owner. - Nibss
I think people forget this in a GAME, not reality. the fact that people decide to make a site to advertise people is sad in itself. Imagine never being able to continue your life because of an altercation on a game. Goodluck with getting the money from the guy. he clearly believes he is right. and who knows what evidence we aren't being able to view. I myself like to see both sides of the story. not just an angry nerds. - Realist19
realist you can see in the pms he agress to split 75/25 if its a tbow, so you can see his side of the story that he was going to scam no matter what. There is no story from him, also im assuming the person commenting above is the scammer also but like i said you see the edivance of him scamming its as simple as that - smorc