Stealing Borrowed Items
ExquisiteDab had been a member of our clan for 2+ years, actively participating in clan events and even joining voice chat for raids and group PVM. During the summer of 2020, our clan was doing a bingo event that includes PVM content. ExquisiteDab was lent a Scythe of Vitur during bingo by another clan member on the same bingo team. Due to the Scammer’s history with the clan and active participation in events and voice chat, the victim only asked for an Abyssal Bludgeon in return as a small piece of collateral. Shortly after obtaining the Scythe, the scammer had disappeared off the face of the earth, his discord account has been in offline status since the theft, he double name changed from BoadaLowl to ExquisiteDab and the account he scammed from was not gaining xp on the hiscores so we assumed he had RWT the scythe and quit the game. Recently we learned he has been active again since he stole the Scythe so we wanted to open a case to warn other's of his behavior.
Attached screenshots will include:
1) Trade screen of Scythe for Bludgeon
2) Trade screen of giving 25 vials of blood to use on the Scythe after trading the Scythe.
3) Discord message on date of theft where victim mentions he wants do to some TOB later (insinuating he wanted the scythe back) but no reply ever from accused scammer.
4) TempleOSRS tracked name change from BoadaLowl to ExquisiteDab
5) GIF of victim joining accused scammer's friend's chat
6-8) accused scammer's current stats & killcounts on the hi-scores
xp per hour
Evidence 532ae1c for a case against ExquisiteDab
Evidence 10d70f8 for a case against ExquisiteDab
Evidence f71fe0c for a case against ExquisiteDab
Evidence e592fb9 for a case against ExquisiteDab
Evidence 53b93f6 for a case against ExquisiteDab
Evidence 92d1328 for a case against ExquisiteDab
Evidence 6b4ad31 for a case against ExquisiteDab
Evidence 95264f0 for a case against ExquisiteDab
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3 years ago

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