Not Splitting
Daghbad was doing Tombs of Amascut with Signd0g and Sunny Hermit when he received a Tumeken's shadow. All uniques were expected to be split. They were in voice chat at the time of the drop.

At the time of the drop, a Tumeken's shadow was worth 1500m, so he was expected to give Signd0g and Sunny Hermit each 500m. Instead of selling the shadow and giving them their split, he told them that he was going to be keeping the shadow for "sentimental reasons", wanting to keep the first shadow that he has ever received, and gave them 125m each instead of the full 500m. He had collat-loaned a shadow from another clan member, Hybrid Mech, using his torva as collat, so he told Signd0g and Sunny Hermit that he would get his torva back from Hybrid Mech, sell it, then give them the rest of the money. He did not do that. When clan staff reached out to him, he acknowledged that he would split with them, but did not end up splitting with them. After being asked several times by clan staff, he then acted out in clan chat, acknowledging that he had only given them 125m each, but still did not end up splitting with them. Then, he decided to appear offline and play out of clan chat for days until we banned him. After he was removed from the clan, he turned his private back on and Sunny Hermit was able to get in contact with him. He acknowledged that money is owed but that he "can't pay him right now" and that he would split with him eventually but not Signd0g.
Signd0g, Sunny Hermit
Original Rsn:
Tumeken's Shadow (uncharged)

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