Not Splitting
He was a friend of a friend all close relationship and we got got 6 deaths , he got drop , we all said split all . he ran in circles 3 times and i called out justicar and both Mob Partyhat & babygirlx were spamming scythe and he pulled scythe we all spammed. like anyone else would for a big item he ran out as he got too the bank he logged out and changed name 2 times . my boiiiii / now its scythe boii.
Carnitas, Mob Partyhat, Babygirlx
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Scythe Of Vitur (uncharged)

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Lol I double name changed and this shit site couldnt get me. Seriously look up "GhettoWig" theres no name on the highscores haha. dumb ass sites great job keeping track of scammers! - alleged scamma
The nametracking isnt instant, if you were to check your name now though you will find that it is the correct name, you can continue to double namechange and waste as much bond money as you want. The name is always going to get updated with 100% accuracy, should use that bond money to pay back the money that is owed which in return would get you off the site aswell. - Cepp
This is a false report by some sad people. Look up jeusatrax, he was banned for rwt lmao. - Ghettowig
Just cause someone was banned for rwt doesnt mean that the case is false - Cepp
How is it even possible to pay back a banned person? - Ghettowig
Just cause someone has gotten banned doesnt mean that you get off the site, if you want to repay you contact a senior staff staff and hand the gp over to one of the senior staffs, we will then take your case of public listing and work out how to get the gp to the victim as we have multiple ways of getting in contact with him. - Cepp
Some "defense". What a limp dick scammer. - LUL
Seriously though, who scams for measely 40m? What a scrub lmfao spends most of it on namechanging, then looses potential bills by refusal of entry to pvm clans hahahah its pathetic - Francis
Ay yall havent kept up with my name change, it's been a year now. what's wrong, you lost my name change? shit name update system haha - Im the scammer
No mate, won't have lost you, just a bit outdated. But thanks for the smart ass comment, il make a special point of keeping your case updated daily for ya if you like :) - Nibss