Incey Wincey
Stealing Borrowed Items
I became good mates over the course of 2 months with a guy I met at CG on my ironman(RSN: Moist Zinger) whilst he was also camping there for his Bowfa(RSN: Righto). He wanted to lend 60 mil from my normal account(RSN: 2 Piece Feed) to his account (RSN: Go Fundme) after a couple of months and I felt I could trust him enough to lend it to him since he was going to pay it back "100%" in a couple of days time. Sadly, I did not realise what "adm" meant when he asked for the loan, otherwise I would not have lent it. I asked him how he was going with paying it back multiple times over the course of 6 weeks, each time being met with a "too busy" excuse or that he didn't have the GP. Eventually today (16 December) he replied that he was going to repay it, and instead he removed me from his friends list and blocked me on Discord. I took screenshots of the discussions regarding the loan each time they took place. I stupidly did not get a picture of the trade taking place but the discussions clearly indicate that it did take place. Not too bothered about losing the GP, but I'd rather it at least be reported on here so that someone else does not fall victim to him.
2 Piece Feed
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Go Fundme

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2 Piece Feed
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