Pvm Scrub
Stealing Borrowed Items
My clan leader allegedly filed a case on my behalf, but it got denied. Though when I talked to Kosmik asking me to re-file a case, he said he couldn't find one. Anyways, just resubmitting this now myself.
PvM Scrub (3rd to last picture has his discord linked with ingame), asked to borrow inferno gear about 2 years ago. I gave him those 5 items (tbow/ely/sgs/anc top/bot). I screenshotted the gear, aswell as he sent me a cropped screenshot on discord (all these are attached) of the same items on the trade screen. I ask for the items back later that day, and he starts saying he already gave the gear back, to stop playing around and eventually he just leaves to do a clan event and try to ignore the situation. I then tell my clan leader, they eventually kick him as he never returned the gear, etc. PvM Scrub continually denies this making up lies and excuses, as in the later screenshots where he talks about me saying he stole 5 bil? with no evidence and just starting to spew out lies to confuse and change everything. One of my friends in another picture (DabbyCuck) pms him ingame later and was friends with PvM Scrub and congratulates him on a 99, then starts talking about bank value. DabbyCuck casually mentions the 1.9b, as well as the FFA scythe PvM Scrub got that day aswell (he apparently did a tob and got a FFA scythe). Instead of saying something about the 1.9b accused, he downplays it by saying "1.8 but yeah", not denying the stolen money but rather correcting it and agreeing with it. Anytime anyone has confonted him , he always denies it. On one of the screenshots between PvM Scrub and Kosmik, he is confronted by that screenshot, and starts going on about scythe prices/ the FFA scythe, how me accusing him is "random and came from the bushes and surprised the whole friendgroup" even though he got instakicked from alot of the discords we used to raid with and such.
I honestly stopped caring about it, but seeing that he still denies it, it bothers me and I just want the truth to be out there. The money doesnt matter to me, I just dont want it to happen to other people aswell. Intrestingly enough there was another accusation I overheard about of him scamming someone called "Sam" or so for a tbow, so I also wanted this to be known to provide extra evidence.

Please let me know if theres anything else/questions/ about this whole mess. I will try to provide all the evidence I can but at this point im not really sure what helps and what doesn't.
Evidence 8643a63 for a case against Pvm Scrub
Evidence 404ee8c for a case against Pvm Scrub
Evidence b49334a for a case against Pvm Scrub
Evidence 4040b1d for a case against Pvm Scrub
Evidence ac4d2a0 for a case against Pvm Scrub
Evidence 853efca for a case against Pvm Scrub
Evidence cf46ab1 for a case against Pvm Scrub
Evidence 9f13e3b for a case against Pvm Scrub
Evidence 7544356 for a case against Pvm Scrub
Original Rsn:
Pvm Scrub
Twisted Bow
Elysian Spirit Shield
Saradomin Godsword
Ancestral Robe Bottom
Ancestral Robe Top

Evidence Quality:
Overload CC
Date of Abuse:
4 years ago

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