Lews Ther1n
Not Splitting
victim's RSN at time of incident: "hazeammesia"
victim's RSN since changed once to: "kench420"
hazeammesia and CandyAssMofo are looking for a tank for bandos trio in "true gwd" cc.
Basshunt123 starts tanking Bandos in max dps gear (except shield and possibly ring), and is therefore getting a good amount of kills in his name.
Basshunt123 gets a BCP drop and immideately implies in chat that he will split by saying things such as "6m ea" and "ge". [see screenshots]
After we agree to end our trip and meet at G.E., Basshunt123 teleports, logs out and never shows up. CandyAssMofo ane I wait for him, meanwhile I check if he unfriended me [see gif].
4 days after the trip, I notice Basshunt123 has his private on, so I use the opportunity to ask him about the situation.
At first, he says he doesn't know what i'm talking about, then says he already "paid" the victims, then again just writes "idk" or "idc". He is asking me for evidence of him scamming, instead of providing counter-evidence of him splitting.
After the last exhange of PM's I was not able to get any answer from Basshunt123 or his alt "gwd addict"
As I later learned from our cc leader, "Basshunt123" was already banned from the cc for not splitting drops in the past, so he used his alt account "gwd addict" to bypass the ban and talk in cc to find a team.
kench420, CandyAssMofo
Evidence c3f8efc for a case against Lews Ther1n
Evidence 912868b for a case against Lews Ther1n
Evidence 0934086 for a case against Lews Ther1n
Evidence dc5de57 for a case against Lews Ther1n
Evidence 18b6daf for a case against Lews Ther1n
Evidence 7d8b7bb for a case against Lews Ther1n
Original Rsn:
Bandos Chestplate

Evidence Quality:
true gwd
Date of Abuse:
2 years ago

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