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Me and Genetix did a couple of 5man raids this morning (with other clan members). After a poor extended raid, the other three left and Genetix and I decided to do a duo. Duo went fairly smoothly, with no deaths until he died at final phase olm. We get the kill right before I die and he gets tbow with ~40% of the points (40k total). After getting the drop we were both super excited on disc and he showed me the tbow at the bank. We then went to the GE together to split the bow. He wasn't able to sell immediately and told me so on discord. At some point while selling the bow, he logged off disc and runescape at the same time.
Vox Smoke
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Twisted Bow

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Vox Magna
Sweaty Dweeb
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I have reason to believe that his Alt's rsn is now "EvEnT HoRzN." I did not take a hiscores picture of the alt so I cannot definitively prove it, but I did add Kemit Nile and Kemit Alt on a clear ignore list with only those 2 rsns on it. As of right now the names are "avid man" and "EvEnT HoRzN." Be safe peeps don't let this guy do you dirty like he did our clan. - Jaun
Bro event horzen is my close friend and he don't know that avid mad I swear to u - AJ styles