Not Splitting
Saerono and others did a raid in wdr, which is split by defult. He received a tumeken's shadow as a drop but refused to split
Lyrical-Gift, Puss McGee, Soft Nooch, memespleen
Original Rsn:
Tumeken's Shadow (uncharged)

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A little story for those who are interested, in multiple comments as Runewatch is unable to give me a proper way to give you this information even after communicating. - Chadham
I joined this ffa by accident. I had joined plenty of WDR before but on release of TOA I had the wrong tab open on discord and got a drop the first run. - Chadham
I'm an ironman and don't have a main, I never had the intention to split nor did I ever expect a split as I have no use for it. - Chadham
It was an honest mistake which I'm not willing to pay for, especially for a community that's ran on harrasment so feel free to make your own judgment from here :). - Chadham
Haha, hilarious that the scammer felt the need to defend himself. - Bree
thats ur own fault guys. dont take fking ironman to split raids lol - Bree
'Chadham' not only double-name-changed the day of the scam, but also mocked the other raiders in discord and RS chat after refusing to split. Avoid this player at all cost! - Soft Nooch
@Runewatch why are you allowing misinformation? You can check the discord for my name changes. I did a single name change 3.5 hours after the case. And why are you not approving my messages anymore. - Chadham
If you have any issues with the evidence on the case against you, raise a ticket instead of spamming comments that just get declined as duplicates. - ConnorField
I can't do that because I was banned on the discord by you guys hahahahaha Also isn't it clear people are impersonating each other? Bree has conflicting answers and Soft Noch is probably someone else who read the name in this case - Chadham