Stealing Borrowed Items
Loaned him scythe and tbow many times, friend of two years never scammed before until now

He asked me on disc if he could borrow my scythe for some tob, i was in a hurry so i got on quick and loaned it. The trade was really fast so he probably thinks i didnt get a screenshot but I did get one.

Come back to him leaving our clan server (Redemption PvM), leaving our friends servers, blocking me on disc pms (the same pms he asked for scythe), and changed his name in game
    Case Evidence Has Been Archived.
Original Rsn:
wally here
Twisted Bow

Evidence Quality:
Redemption PvM
Date of Abuse:

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Name changed to: British Pixy

He started streaming again, this assholes twitch name is: British_gamer

Also tried to scam a 100m giveaway on twitch by name changing to a similar rsn to the winners name and trying to steal the 100m giveaway! ULTIMATE SCUMBAG! - Datboydiego
bob_ross_of_bass let me point out to you , you do not know British he would never do that also the fact you are lying about stuff and using defamation about him , im sure he will be perusing legal action against you. Not to mention the evidence he has on you selling.buying gold is quite substantial id say stop slating innocent people - JAMES
"He will never do this" I call BS. He scammed Oda for an Arcane and only returned it a long time after.

British is the most annoying pos scamming looser on twitch. - Johnny