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Stealing Borrowed Items
The story as told by Onoin: A guy named Call Boaty joined the clan last week. Immediatey got into raiding with some of themore experienced raiders in the cc. He would trust tradehis high gp items such as tbow, ghrazi rapier, and otherhigh price items, So i trusted him with my twisted bow while i went off to play another game for a few hours. 1hour later i get a dm in discord from clan leader thinking that "Call Boaty" got banned. So i logged in and looked through my friend list to find one different name "Whitewolvez" which has the previous name "GWD sucks", this is the only name on fl that is different. The few of us that had him addded and previously dm'd him are no longer on his friend list, (checked by joining his cc). The reason i initially traded the items to him was because he was on about how he was organizing bank, and got rid of all of his placeholders. I traded him the items he threw in bank for a minute and traded them back. later that day he again asks to borrow my twisted bow because his was on lend. So i traded him the items and logged out for a few hours.


Onoin borrows Ancestral, Kodai & Arcane from Call Boaty

Onoin returns the items.

Call Boaty asks for a lend of Tbow/Armadyl for placeholders then gives the items straight back to Onoin.

Call Boaty lends Onoin a Ghrazi Rapier

Call Boaty gives Onoin an Avernic Defender Hilt as "A Gift"

Onoin returns Call Boaty's Rapier & lends him Twisted Bow + Armadyl in the same trade. Onoin asks whether Call Boaty will be on in 4 hours to which Call Boaty says he has no work tomorrow.

Call Boaty deletes Onoin then double name changes, leader of the clan alerts Onoin to this via Discord as thinks that Call Boaty has been banned (instead he had double name changed and deleted Onoin).

Call Boaty denies having items to Runewatch staff member.

Call Boaty pm's Onoin to meet him, he puts up items to take a screenshot claiming he returned them. He then declines the trade and logged out. Runewatch staff member was present watching this take place. Screenshots and evidence below.
    Case Evidence Has Been Archived.
Original Rsn:
Armadyl Helmet
Armadyl Chestplate
Armadyl Chainskirt
Twisted Bow

Evidence Quality:
The Boys PVM
Date of Abuse:

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