Gym therapy
Stealing Borrowed Items
Thursday: Gym therapy asks bond a bond in the clanchat; no-one responds
Friday: Gym therapy asks for a bond in the clanchat; no-one responds and then I do
We meet in a F2P world where I give him 6M, followed by another 2M. He hops to a member world and tells me to come as well.
He proceeds to ask for another 5M, which I refuse. At that point he's already said he would pay back the next day (roughly 22 hours from that point)
I log off for the day, as it's late.
Saturday: Gym therapy shows up as online for a few seconds on my friends list - I check his friendschat and I am still added
Sunday: I check Gym therapy's friendschat and can no longer enter; when I check the memberlist of the clan we're both in I can see that he has left.
Lord Zombies
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Gym therapy

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Lord Zombies
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Over a bond fam - FartMyCum
mans pressed for 8m, less than an hour of work, maybe dont give out free money? - idiotdetector
gym therapy over here making burners ^^ - alphabetsoup
bruh got put on runewatch for 8m, down bad on god - Johnson
Imagine scamming someone for a bond. Like legit trying to help you and you scam them like wtf. - Jaiizo