Stealing Borrowed Items
Hello, I tried to report this earlier but i did not find my refrence code or report again, so i just make a new one. Sorry.

So the back story is that a person from the CC told me he was on a rebuild, for the 3rd time (he didn't stake for what we knew), and since he was a part of this clan for 1-2 years i thought i could help him out and lend my Dragon hunter lance and dont take any collat from him. This trade was done 19.01.2021 around 13:48pm Cest time. It was already planned that he was supposed to give it back on friday morning, but i said he could have it until saturday because i did not need it.

So i woke up earlier today and had a few messages from trusted people in the CC telling me i should get my lance back because they fear that he has scammed, because there was already rumors that he scammed someone else.

I sent a pm on discord to him without any respons, i logg on osrs and i see that he is using his alt account, i try to contact him, but no answere. I saw him on G.E, but he quickly teleported out and took private off, i know this because he was still in the Clan Chat, which he left later on (around 12-13pm today Cest time).

This person currently has 3 accounts that i know of,
-Kelpaa 1-> OpelAstraG00
- Kelpaa 2 (the account i traded) -> 07vajari -> Loll3r0
- "Also Kelpa" (not currently name changed)

He had the name 07vajari earlier when i submitted my first report, so he have used double name change.

This person also streams a few times at twitch.tv/kelpaaosrs

I am making this report earlier than expected, because he left the CC's Discord and went offline on OSRS, Disc, etc. And not to mention the double name changes today within a 4-5 hour span.
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Dragon Hunter Lance

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