What is RuneWatch?

RuneWatch is a website that publishes concerns over players who have committed scams, has not split loot when they were supposed to, or not returned borrowed wealth in Runescape.

What types of incidents does RuneWatch publish?

We will publish cases from incidents such as not splitting, luring, trade-deception, GP swap scams and stealing lent items; giving a star rating for each case that is published based on evidence strength. We will also publish cases from Duel Arena scams and Account hi-jacking but only with very substantial and clear evidence against the accuser. Pking scams will not be listed in any circumstance.

How do I report an incident to RuneWatch?

All incidents must be submitted through our Report Incident form found here.

How do I submit additional evidence after submitting an incident report?

Any additional information or evidence can be submitted via the Additional Evidence page here. Additional evidence will only be accepted if a previous Report Incident form has been submitted.

Can’t fake evidence be submitted by a player to get somebody listed on RuneWatch?

Of course, that is a constant concern by all of the staff working on processing reports. We will always keep a close eye on every single report we publish to keep all the cases 100% legitimate. If we suspect that a report has false evidence, we will investigate it fully and deal with it accordingly. Our staff will be on constant look-out for anything suspicious.

How do you keep track of listed player’ usernames? Wouldn’t a double name-change allow them to escape the system?

We will be using a variety of methods to keep track of players who use multiple bonds in attempt to escape the system.

What happens after I successfully return the wealth to a staff member?

Your case will be removed from view to all.  However, you will be kept track of in case of a second offense privately only by staff of this website.

If I were to be listed on this website a second time after returning wealth a first time, will I be able to be taken down again by returning the wealth?

Second offense scammers will be able to return wealth, but both offenses will be publicly shown with it showing that they returned the stolen wealth.

You can still join a clan, but they can see your previous cases. We suggest in this case, if you want to join a clan, you be open and honest with the clan leaders about what happened.

Those that have committed a third offense and have used up their two return wealth opportunities will be permanently listed without chance of recompense.

Who designed the graphics for RuneWatch?

All of the graphics for RuneWatch were designed by OutreachFX, a freelance Graphic Designer who creates high quality Branding and Ad Solutions.