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Accused of: Trade Deception
Damage: 670M
Story: The story as told by Knaag: Brooks was a mod ...

Date of Abuse: 4 years ago Continue Reading..

Accused: raminboweye

Accused of: Not Splitting
Damage: 348M
Story: We had a 5man nex team from the Kodai cc. We ...

Date of Abuse: 6 days ago Continue Reading..

Accused: l1ghtpk

Accused of: Stealing Borrowed Items
Damage: 52.2M
Story: Accused asked in clan chat to borrow Bandos t...

Date of Abuse: 4 weeks ago Continue Reading..

Accused: Dvoker

Accused of: Not Splitting
Damage: 350M
Story: Agreed to split before a nex trip in "the kod...

Date of Abuse: 3 weeks ago Continue Reading..

Accused: Just Sarahhh

Accused of: Stealing Borrowed Items
Damage: 744.8M
Story: I was talking to a so called "friend" and the...

Date of Abuse: 1 month ago Continue Reading..

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Case Rating Definition

1 Star
Case meets the bare minimum evidence threshold. This is considered to be good evidence but may lack some additional context or evidence.
2 Star
Case meets the minimum evidence threshold & includes some additional supporting evidence that matches the story.
3 Star
Case has a large amount of clear evidence that correlates directly to the story.
4 Star
Case includes very strong undeniable evidence, but may be missing a clear confession.
5 Star
Case has extremely strong undeniable evidence with a clear confession directly tied to the in game account.

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