Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: BloodWorthy

Date of Abuse: Sunday, 11 November 2018

Accused of: Not Splitting a Twisted Bow

Damage Value: 1.1b (733m owed in splits)

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: Rova

Clan: Hero PvM

Victim(s): Rova, Eggplanks

The story as told by Rova: We did a raid and got a Twisted Bow, I knew him for a year and had seen multiple bow splits with us. I went to sell some things to buy it out and he left.

Submitted Evidence:


  1. I was a part of a clan called “Insurgence” in osrs. I was invited by the plated named “Eggplants.” When I join the clan, I made sure they knew that I was interested in learning how to raid and to PVM. After the acceptance of me into the clan, they taught me how to raid and within a few raids I was considered good enough to raid with their main group. After a while, some members of the main raiding group left to play other games and what was left was Rova and I, and whoever wanted to raid in the clan as a 3rd person who would raid with us in chambers. Eggplants though, has changed his name to “Eggplanks” on his main, and made an Ironman in which he put the name “Eggplants” on it (he would always be playing on his ironman and would rarely raid with Rova and I throughout this period so that he could get his ironman “raid ready”). Over this time, I have seen a plethora of items dropped of high value, many of them being in my name, and when we would raid as a group we would always split the $ from a drop unless we all agreed otherwise, so I would always split the money acquired from the drop. After more time, eventually some of the other people who have left to play other games have come back to play OSRS but spent most of their time learning TOB instead of raiding with Rova and I at COX. Eventually, we all have learned TOB over a 1-month period or so and we even saw a few splits (in my name as well, all split). After all this time, “Eggplants” (Eggplanks’s ironman) was now “ready to do chambers.” I included the information about TOB because Eggplanks was also doing TOB when he would afk things on his ironman (Eggplants) and so he went “Scythe broke” which means he sold everything in his bank and bought a scythe because he would do TOB on his main most of the time. After another month or so, Insurgence clan was disbanded, and all the members who would raid together moved onto other clans. Rova and Eggplants both moved to Hero PvM. When doing do, they would not hang out in the previous discord that we would always voice chat in and would often ignore my requests to do raids with the reason that they needed to get drops in their new clan so that they can become a full member. I was fine with this, and I even attempted to join Hero PvM but without the slayer requirement, and was declined, so I was NOT EVER a part of Hero Pvm. I then applied to a clan called AC PvM and was accepted. I told them I had the intention of doing TOB mostly, in which they let me raid with them for a few raids, in which I got an Avernic Defender hilt in my name and I did split that as well (AC Will was included in this split). Long after my joining the AC PvM clan, Rova and Eggplants messaged me( the ironman) and asked if I was down to do some COX with his ironman but here would be no splitting because of Eggplants having no $ but a scythe on his main. So I said sure, and when I got the Twisted bow, both Rova and Eggplants threatened to put me on RuneWatch and RS Justice if I didn’t split and they said they knew the leader of Hero PvM who is a staff member of RuneWatch and they they could get me on the website easily we were all in voice chat, this all occurred in voice chat.

    No evidence was proven with the evidence provided that goes with what happened to the accusation.

  2. When our group of friends Attempted to learn how to do Theatre of blood. The entire 30ish kills we did with him he never got a drop in his name. we only had 1 drop that was split which was a justiciar faceguard inside my name at 3kc. the other drop was our ironman named “friend” that he gave us the split via his main account. Prior to me joining hero pvm i didn’t “know the leader well” and i wouldn’t threaten anyone to get on rw at all. Every time blood asked to raid with us we already had a 4 man group for tob and they didn’t want to do 5 mans and he would get upset about that and blame us for ignoring him when he joined the voice discord to raid. before the chamber of xeric raid started egg said he was going to split it via voice. Eggplants intention was to split any item he got on his ironman. Eggplants is a really good friend of mine and he would’ve scam anything, he’s split 2 tbows with myself and some mutual friends we had. Blood is blatantly lying about the comment he made. I don’t want him to try and snake his way out of this situation when he has no evidence of this, If you’re innocent why would you double name change and delete everyone he used to talk to? He blocked me so i can’t join his cc anymore (i was going to submit his double name change but i had eggplants do it because i was on his ignore list and couldn’t provide his double name change. I just want this situation to be done and other with but with him attempting to lie his way out of this and get away with it.

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