Dharok 0bama

Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse:  Dharok 0bama

Date of Abuse: Saturday, 23 March 2019

Accused of: Stealing Borrowed Items

Damage Value: 1.973B

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: iSmashClowns

Clan: Small arms

Victim(s): Cmon brug, SoloSmackbar (Main)

The story as told by iSmashClowns:

The player in question, ‘Dharok 0bama’ had been a clan member of ours for well over a year and a half, and had built up a reputation of being trustworthy and reliable when it came to splits etc.

However, during a short span of time, the player stated he was hacked and lost all of his items – The victim in this case, on his main account, provided an uncollateralized item loan of over 1.9b so ‘Dharok 0bama’ could finish the inferno and get his cape.

After a long period of time, the victim in this case later went on to ask for the items back and conveniently, ‘Dharok 0bama’ had been hacked again. However, the victim himself stated he had seen the individual go to the duel arena, stake and lose, something our investigations concluded must have been him losing the money.

The clan leaders proceeded to investigate the case with a full reflection on all of the events and the conclusion was as followed, this is what was sent to ‘Dharok 0bama’ via discord;

“I just wanted to let you know, the mod team have discussed the recent events surrounding first, you being hacked, and second you then receiving a loan from Solo to then be hacked again.

Upon our first discussions following the first hacking we wanted to make sure everything was secure with your account, hence why I spoke to you personally over voice in discord to make sure that you were ok personally and to try deduce what had happened. We were originally investigating whether or not this hacking was in correlation with other clan hacks that had supposedly occurred in the timeframe and wanted to rule out the potential of it happening again, which, with your confirmation of the appropriate security measures, we believed we had.

Following this, we were aware that you took large sums in loans from Solo to complete the inferno and had restarted to play again, which is what we had hoped. Solo, as a friend of yours, had lent you this amount (believed to total 1.9bn) with full intentions of you returning this wealth, and you’re aware of that. However, when he questioned you recently about when he could expect it returned, it just so happened your account, with all of it’s new, clean credentials, had been compromised and thus, the amount lost. Concurrently, however, whilst messaging Solo, your discord RL activity showed you were at the duel arena and upon further investigation, Solo saw you engage in and lose four stakes.
It is therefore our conclusion that neither the first ‘hack’ or the second were legitimate, but merely a smokescreen to mask your poor choices, the second of which involved betraying the trust of Solo out of 1.9bn. Scamming is an offence we take zero tolerance towards, and effective immediately, you are banned from the clan.

This is a decision we do not take lightly, but with our current understanding of events, we believe it is correct and necessary to protect the integrity of our community. A statement will be issued in the clan discord so the community are aware of what we believe to be the truth.

If you have any concerns, you’re free to message me here and discuss them.”

Submitted Evidence:



  1. I happen to have a nearly identical osrs name (DarockObama) and Twitch name (Dhar0kobama) as this guy. I want to clarify that I’ve had this name long before this has been posted, that I am not this person and that I don’t have anything to do with this guy.

  2. This is correct – There are two individuals with similar names and have already had some players contacting me regarding “Dharok still playing and streaming with gear” referring to this player above.

    Thanks for your comment Darock, hope there’s no other misunderstanding going forward.


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