Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: Dran h

Date of Abuse: Saturday, 29 December 2018

Accused of: Not Splitting Twisted Bow

Damage Value: 712m owed in splits

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: Post Dragons

Clan: We Do Raids

Victim(s): FREE WIFL & Art9818

The story as told by Post Dragons: FREE WIFL advertised a raid in the #lfr-standard channel of the We Do Raids discord, a default split server, with Art9818 and Dran H joining the raid. Dran H received a Twisted Bow as loot from their raid. He then logged out, left their pvm clan (Rad PvM), set his clan chat to private, and name changed 3 times to his final name of Dreadam without splitting the bow with his teammates.

Submitted Evidence:

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