Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: iil behavior

Date of Abuse: Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Accused of: Not Splitting Twisted Bow

Damage Value: 1056m

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: New tomas

Clan: Occulus PvM

Victim(s) Red Tomas (New tomas), Private Ryan, & Mrs Hrdstylr

The story as told by New tomas: Me, (new tomas) raided with 3 other members (Scammer – at the time iil behavior, Private ryan and Mrs hrdstylr) of my clan (Oculus pvm), we got Twisted Bow as a drop in iil behavior name, after that we chatted a little bit at the bank area of raid lobby, iil behavior agreed to split, said hes gonna smoke a cig, then teleported out, deleted us from his FL, changed his username twice. He himself later admited that he scammed us in his previous clans forums (Vintage).

Submitted Evidence:


  1. His reason for scamming was because he heard that oculus pvm doesn’t split bows, which is complete rubbish and against the rules of oculus pvm (on osrs forums). His main intention was to scam either ways, shown from his actions. Be aware other clans, as he is a clan hopper, with intentions of scamming.

  2. no its not rubbish YOU YOURSELF ADMITTED U WOULDNT SPLIT. ive split tbows before, but why would i split with people that wouldnt split me. not a clan hopper, just vast majority of pvm clans are shit so i don’t stay in them long. ask vintage how much ive split.

    1. how about some proof before typing out allegations? from what I can see, you have wronged other players and clans and you still sit here and have the audacity to blame others from scamming them. You are seriously one messed up person.

      1. bro do you think i give a fuck about proving shit to runescape no lifers? lemme just hop into my time machine and get the screenie, better yet let fucking post the screenie i took of you saying it that i took cause i knew we was getting tbow, you’re retarded. I WRONGED SCAMMERSSSSS. your fault, you know what you said, if you don’t want to admit that’s fine but YOU as a MAN know what you SAID and the fact youre trying to twist it makes you more messed up than i ever could be. grow the fuck up you stupid retard and google karma while you’re at it. ty 4 bow

    2. Fuck off cunt. Original username was 2dudes1scape scammed t bow from tiger pvm ghostbongv was one of the victims-
      Reason he rwt it to pay his junkie mums rent or some bullshit

  3. Yeah, iil behavior also joined Division PvM and left almost instantly, thank god.. However I believe he is a clan hopper also and never intended to split the bow, his application is still on file in my discord server.

  4. boss nerd ur clans shit thats why i left, if u call that clan hopping sure. check the vintage quest for all drops thread look at what i split i scammed scammers bro



  6. “wish i kept up with forum activity to prevent this” stfu you aint shit you wouldn’t have prevented shit unless you lied like you just did get your head out your ass lmao

    1. You know that I know these people (oculus PVM) for almost a year now and this is the first instance of someone not splitting tbow, or any other item for that matter. Idk why you thought that some of us wouldve scammed you, but seeing from other clans I can see what kind of a person you are, you just showed your true colors. I know this will go over your head buddy, since you think that you’re so much better and smarter than everyone else, but if anyone should take reality check about your behaviour and personality, it’s you my dude.

      1. YOU WAS IN THE RAID WHEN HE FUCKING SAID IT DIPSHITTTTTTTT. when did i say i was better or smarter??? when did i say anyone needed a reality check?????????????????? bro you chat so much shit its ridiculous

      2. oh and how the FUCK are you going to try take a moral high ground when you told someone to kill themselves over pixels fuck off bro

    1. piece of shit? go fuck yourself you keyboard warrior nerd, should’ve seen the pms they sent me mate i would love for this to be a real life scenario wonder how brave you no lifing virgins are then get the fuck outside get some perspective and live a little faggot

  7. Man, limp dicks scamming endlessly. He’s probably shooting up with his junkie mum now. He feels big and bad on that meth high. What a cunt.

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